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About Us

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Gifting is a thoughtful process that involves the exchange of purest kind of emotions. Across all cultures, gifting is a way of saying that the divinity within me salutes the divinity within you. At brandparcel.com, we understand these emotions only too well and have leveraged the power of computer technology to help buyers get an exemplary and seamless shopping experience on the web.

What we enable through our robust digital platform is a virtual handshake between the seller of the product and the buyer. At times, we do stock our own in-house brands and be a part of the action for niche products, but we would also like to see ourselves as a marketplace and safe harbor for goods being retailed on our platform in the following categories.

  • Buddha statue
  • Ganesh Statue
  • Guru Nanak statue
  • Hanuman statue
  • Krishna statue
  • Led keychain
  • Photo frame
  • Sai Baba statue
  • Shiva statue
  • Shivaji Maharaj statue
  • Wall clock photo frame

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated technologically skilled professionals understand that technology is the best way to bring your ideas to life. But to create billion-dollar businesses out of these ideas requires strong on the ground execution capabilities. In any setting, most players have access to nearly identical markets and identical sources of funding, but it is the uneven playing field that brings champions on the surface wherein David’s defeat the Goliath to emerge as a winner in the new economy space. High demand exists in the NRI markets for our products ranging from south-east Asia to middle-east to San Francisco. And the initial traction that we have got in the market tells us that we are doing something right. Repeat orders are a validation of the high-quality business model that we have built that can weather long periods of slow growth followed by high growth.

Come, talk to us today and together we can do more.