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Privacy Policy

Users are requested to read the fine print of the clauses below in order to get greater clarity on how we interact with our core audience. We are a gift item exporter and our aim is to offer a digital handshake between buyers and sellers offering good prices for good quality products.

Use of Cookies: The following clauses define our privacy policy with respect to the data collected from the system of users. A cookie is created only when a user logs into our site with a username and password. When users log into our site, they expressly consent to the use of cookies unless disabled by their administrators in their browser settings.

Each cookie identifies the machine with which you log in to visit our site: brandparcel.com.

By analyzing information related to the users, their viewing habits, content preferences, demographics,location co-ordinates, number of visits, bounce rate; we get a better idea of the type of content desired by users. And it helps us to tweak the content of our portal in order to connect better with audiences.

Higher page visits longer stays helps us to gain higher visibility in search engines.

Payment gateway: Users can be rest assured regarding their payment information as all data entered by them is encrypted as it is transmitted over the phone line. We use 256-bit encryption on a secure socket layer that assures the highest level of safety. Under no circumstance, does your data get stored in any form during the credit card transaction. You can use VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICA EXPRESS, JCB, net banking, debit cards, pre-paid cards to pay on our website.

Mobile application: We will soon launch a mobile application on the Android and iOS platform to help users access important data about the latest products we have on sale. Our privacy policy extends to all devices and platforms that connect to fetch our enterprise data. And even on the mobile platform, we collect device data to offer content that can work on all platforms, network conditions and geographies.

Should you have any concerns regarding our privacy policy, you can choose to decline our “terms and conditions” and leave the portal. The word ‘portal’ here refers to a group of websites owned, managed andoperated by our umbrella brand brandparcel.com.